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The true value of NFTs

Onto the NFT brand-wagon metaverse bound, jump all, from couture to high street, desperate from FOMO. And with them, the headline writers slavishly follow, applauding the auction prices as they spiral higher. But few have stepped aside to point at fashion’s new Emperor’s new clothes and analyse what this means for their customers and collectors or ask what’s hip and what’s hype. Shouting how they want to create digital assets with VIP perks and privileges for their customers, it feels that a lot of these drops get lost in noise but what do you actually get as a customer. What tangible utilities/ services are these fashion brands actually offering, if it’s not a physical item, then what is it? Where can you wear these NFTs and how interoperable are they?


Digital Twinning in the Metaverse.

Do you want to shop in the metaverses real estate, with 3D garments, motion and virtual experiences using your personalised avatar. Or, would you prefer to shop on a traditional e-commerce 2D platform?  The user owner Amazon is coming.   Fashion houses are starting to create digital twins of their collections, with the intent to […]


“The Metaverse, New technologies and the New Fashion Industry ” (Part 8/8). METAVERSE/ REAL WORK AND PHYGITAL FASHION

It does feel inevitable that however much digital assets implode, consumers will expect to have a value attached, other than a NFT, which will be in the form of a physical garment to match their digital asset, their PHYGITAL TWIN. The perceived value of a physical piece along with a digital asset is always going to be higher than either one alone.


“The Metaverse, New technologies and the New Fashion Industry ” (Part 7/8). The Metaverse

METAVERSE- anything where a digital asset can be easily transferred across multiple use cases. The Metaverse is an opportunity for consumers to experiment and change their outfits on a regular basis, with no impact to the environment, other than the energy used to transact which with Proof of Stake cryptocurrency should be negligible. Whilst consumers […]


“The Metaverse, New technologies and the New Fashion Industry ” (Part 6/8). On demand manufacturing & microfactories.

This article explores how different approaches to the value chain can help reduce waste and also looks at the micro-factory, an ultimate result of the technical revolution that can help support the value chain in reducing waste and inventory.


“The Metaverse, New technologies and the New Fashion Industry ” (Part 5/8). AI/ AR & 3D Rendering

This article explores how new technologies such as AI/ AR and 3D rendering are enhancing the fashion industry and enabling businesses to be more efficient and resourceful. AI help improve forecasting (reduce overall inventory levels), improve conversion rates, reduce lead times and returns and the total amount overall samples made


“The Metaverse, New technologies and the New Fashion Industry ” (Part 4/8) . Seasonless Collections.

Brands produce anywhere from 4-52 collections a year, creating untold waste and strain on their businesses. The fashion calendar is out of synch with seasons and men's and women's calendars are not not aligned.


“The Metaverse, New technologies and the New Fashion Industry ” (Part 3/8) . Overproduction and Overconsumption.

OVERPRODUCTION AND OVERCONSUMPTION All of these wonderful options we have discussed offer the customer the choice to re-buy and re-sell, but how do we work towards reducing the waste caused by pure “overproduction” and “overconsumption”, the two, single, most destructive factors within the fashion industry. Academics like the Union of Concerned Researchers in Fashion and […]


“The Metaverse, New technologies and the New Fashion Industry ” (Part 2/8) . Circular Fashion

Part 2 discusses circularity within the fashion industry and how design, the 2nd hand clothing market and the booming rental market can all help brands become more circular and to reduce their waste.


“The Metaverse, New Technologies and the New Fashion Industry” (Part 1/8)

Over the course of the next 10 days I will be releasing parts of the full article I've written which is about how digital and other technology developments can help reduce waste within the fashion industry. Is Digital Fashion really the Industry's eco-friendly saviour?