Merchandising, planning & Stock Management

Long-range range planning helps companies to think differently about their direction. We can provide detailed range plans, (based on performance and company direction) which are key to having an efficient, focused and driven business. We can also help you manage your stock in the most efficient and profitable way.

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Range Planning

If there was an existing range plan, we would review the companies existing range plans, look at categories, options, spend per category over wholesale and retail. We would asses the adoption rate, and options bought per category. We would also analyse the sales per option and category level by each revenue stream and ensure the company is working in the most efficient way.

From this stage, we can create detailed range plan, at category and option level based on the sales and product strategy of the brand. Whilst all companies over sample for market or buys, we can help manage the wastefulness of this and support with streamlining and editing the collection appropriately.


In order to create deliverables, we would review the way that the company buys stock, looking at full price sales, terminal stock, mark downs & any off price business.
We would provide the brand with detailed planning tools to manage their buys efficiently .

Often brands do not have the right systems or transparency to know their total stock value, we can help with setting up processes and systems to give clear and accurate visibility and control over this.

Louise has an incredible gift for making the complex simple and streamlined. She consults impeccably to understand organisational needs and then brings innovative business relevant ideas and solutions to the table. She is a pleasure to work with and always delivers to an exceptionally high standard.

Andres Del Risco


Sourcing Strategy & Critical Path management

We support your design, navigating the constraints of pricing, availability, timings and minimums, with experience and integrity, delivering your inspiration and imagination from you to your customer.


Whether you are a start up or an established business, we can help you to grow your e-commerce.

Product Development/ Production, Logistics & Quality

Long-range business planning helps companies to think differently about the company’s direction. It also provides motivation and insight enabling the performance necessary to meet business goals.

Merchandising, planning & Stock Management

Whether you are a start up or an established business, we can help you to grow your e-commerce.

E-commerce & re-branding

Whether you are a start up or an established business, we can help you to grow your e-commerce.

Strategy, Business plans & Cashflow

Whatever the scale of your project, you need a sourcing strategy that is compatible with your commercial objectives. Establishing a thorough understanding of these objectives, we work with you to deliver an effective, business-driven sourcing approach.