Sourcing, Product Development and Production.

We develop product intelligently and with integrity, working in such a way that, regardless of constraints imposed by pricing and minimums, the item that makes it into the shops is faithful to your design. . We can collate and reconcile all your orders and oversee all sourcing, production, negotiating prices and deliveries, managing pattern cutters and graders, logistics and testing, dealing with all eventualities along the way to ensure your product is completed on schedule, at the right price and quality level.

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Sourcing is an integral part of the creative process of bringing your designs to market. We have an extensive knowledge of fabric and trim suppliers as well as strong relationships with factories around the world.

Development of Samples

We manage the development of samples for you, looking after these through each stage of the sealing process, organising models or mannequins if required, and creating and updating the technical specs to be sent out to suppliers along with the amended garment. We aim to determine and negotiate the leanest possible sampling prices and use these to prepare an accurate sampling budget for the forthcoming season or year ahead. Once an initial style has been developed, we can manage a formal risk assessment, to ensure that the product is fit for purpose.


Once the prices are agreed we will order the raw materials, place the PO with the factory and manage the process through from a SMS sample to gold seal, then from the factory to your warehouse or store.

We can implement comprehensive critical paths for you, enabling you to manage your production timelines efficiently. Critical path management is key to operating successfully and underpins your ability to deliver on time.

Other Services

Providing the labels and packaging sources for production.
Pattern Cutting
Setting up new production and operational system.
Creating vendor manuals
Selecting carriers
Sourcing and the set up of a warehouse whether it be in the UK, Europe or USA
Fabric and garment testing
Quality manual

Louise has been pivotal in many areas of development of the brand. Orchestrating product development, production, merchandising, quality control, and future planning have just been some of the areas that Louise has brought her expertise, dedication and commitment too.

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3D Designs and Wearables

We support your design, navigating the constraints of pricing, availability, timings and minimums, with experience and integrity, delivering your inspiration and imagination from you to your customer.

NFTs and the Metaverse

Several fashion brands are jumping onto the NFT brand-wagon, metaverse bound but few have stepped aside to understand what this means. We are metaversal- - we offer a digital luxury experience in the new virtual world. Our goal is to enable all digital assets minted and sold to be interoperable with collaborative and partner metaverses.

Sourcing, Product Development and Production.

Long-range business planning helps companies to think differently about the company’s direction. It also provides motivation and insight enabling the performance necessary to meet business goals.

Circularity, ESG and Sustainability

Whether you are a start up or an established business, we will support you and provide you with tools to help you become more circular and sustainable.

Sales- e-commerce, wholesale & commercials.

Whether you are a start up or an established business, we can help you to grow your e-commerce.

Strategy, business plans and planning.

Whatever the scale of your project, you need a sourcing strategy that is compatible with your commercial objectives. Establishing a thorough understanding of these objectives, we work with you to deliver an effective, business-driven sourcing approach.