3D Designs and Wearables

Whatever the scale of your project, we can offer all the services to digitise your business, to help you cut down on sampling, reduce returns, improve conversion and test before you buy.

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3D designs

Our in house designers use a 3D fashion design software program creating virtual, true-to life garment visualisation with cutting-edge simulation technologies for the fashion industry.

3D modeling helps to cut down on sampling as it gives the designers and end users the ability to visualise space requirements, but also helps improves drawing efficiency and accuracy.


Wearables are pieces of virtual clothing or digital accessories like dresses, shirts, jeans, sunglasses or bags that you can use to dress-up your avatar in a virtual world.

We can turn your 3D designs into wearables that are compatible with different metaverses such as Ready Player Me or Decentraland.

3D rendering

Once you have you digital design we can provide a rendering service so that the garment fits to your body.

Since starting to work with Louise over a year and a half ago, she’s been completely invaluable in helping me realise my dreams of setting up a fashion brand – without her expertise in garment production, her relationships with factories across the globe, and her advice and guidance on everything from cashflows and budgets right through to critical paths, I don’t know where I’d be!

Harry Walker


3D Designs and Wearables

We support your design, navigating the constraints of pricing, availability, timings and minimums, with experience and integrity, delivering your inspiration and imagination from you to your customer.

NFTs and the Metaverse

Several fashion brands are jumping onto the NFT brand-wagon, metaverse bound but few have stepped aside to understand what this means. We are metaversal- - we offer a digital luxury experience in the new virtual world. Our goal is to enable all digital assets minted and sold to be interoperable with collaborative and partner metaverses.

Sourcing, Product Development and Production.

Long-range business planning helps companies to think differently about the company’s direction. It also provides motivation and insight enabling the performance necessary to meet business goals.

Circularity, ESG and Sustainability

Whether you are a start up or an established business, we will support you and provide you with tools to help you become more circular and sustainable.

Sales- e-commerce, wholesale & commercials.

Whether you are a start up or an established business, we can help you to grow your e-commerce.

Strategy, business plans and planning.

Whatever the scale of your project, you need a sourcing strategy that is compatible with your commercial objectives. Establishing a thorough understanding of these objectives, we work with you to deliver an effective, business-driven sourcing approach.